Using Tech Utilities to Set System-Wide EViD Options

Some options that are available in the EViD Options program are also available through Tech Utilities, including the following:

  • Address Change Settings utility to permits the EViD operator to change a voter’s address, including specifying an address not found in your database. This option is available in case you only want to allow these address changes on specific EViDs.

  • When using a Bluetooth-enabled printer, Toggle Printer Mode utility can be used to change the printer mode from Bluetooth to USB or USB to Bluetooth.

  • Change Connection Settings enables you to change the network settings used for the EViD station to connect to the internet.

Important: These settings can be set or changed on the EViD station at any time; however; we highly recommend that you set and test election-specific settings well in advance of an election.

If you plan to configure system-wide settings using Tech Utilities, you should load the election activator (Early Voting or Election Day) prior to setting the options on the EViD stations. Otherwise, when you load the election activator, the settings on the EViD will be overwritten by the settings specified in EViD Options.