Set System-wide EViD Options

Options applying to all EViDs across the county are referred to as System-wide EViD options.

Prior to an election, you must configure these options for early voting and for Election Day. This can be done using EViD Options. These settings will then be copied to the voting activators, and from there, to the EViD stations.

Note: This step is not required prior to staging an EViD unless you want to set Network Options for use during the staging process

Some options that are available in the EViD Options program are also available in Tech Utilities.

Important: If you plan to configure system-wide settings using Tech Utilities, you should load the election activator (Early Voting or Election Day) prior to setting the options on the EViD stations. Otherwise, when you load the election activator, the settings on the EViD will be overwritten by the settings specified in EViD Options.